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The dress watch on a budget: A dress watch should posses the same qualities listed in the first post, but as a rule you want it smaller in over all proportion and conservative in design. Many people suggest a simple timex if your budget is tight, but 100$ still seems steep to me for something that has quartz movement.

If your looking for something new everything is going to be north of the 200$ range, however if you dont mind going vintage, and want something American with a good story check out Waltham watches.

I use to pass the Waltham factory in Massachusetts every summer, my grandfather would always tell me about the company and the collection of bombing timers he had that was left over from WWII. The idea of owner one of these watches was always at the back of my mind, and a few months back I found a beautiful one at a flea market. It was only after buying it that I looked into the history surrounding the Waltham watch co. 

From 1850 to 1957 they produced over four million watches, clocks, timing fuses and other timing devices, most of which was done with there own movements and parts. There story traces Americas own history, with there first popular production models serving as an official model for railway workers, as well as being presented to and worn by Abraham Lincoln. The companies reputation grew and after WWII when they returned to making watches for the public, alongside Omega, and Rolex, Waltham watches were used by NASA for the first space missions, notably being used for one of the first moonwalks after a crew members Omega malfunctioned. Sadly after 1957 the company closed its doors, today two companies sharing variants of the Waltham name exist, on in Switzerland and another making cheap watches in China and running out of Canada/USA.

Many people recommend a timex for a cheap dress watch, nothing wrong with this, however you can easily get better movement, history and style for much less with a vintage Waltham watch. Ebay and Etsy prices are from 25$-150$, and keep in mind its a good idea to have ANY vintage watch you buy serviced after you buy it, and any other watch every 3 years or so.

Up top are some pictures from our tour of the Waltham Watch factory, in Waltham, MA.

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