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Saddleback Leather Co Waterbag and Gadget Bag:

With 10 months of work and school behind me and only two weeks before it all started over again so I decided to do some traveling. While the weeklong motorcycle trek up the coast got put off I did make it out to the islands. But with these two trips planned I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a proper traveling bag. Had way too many years of doing the seabag drag through TSA and feeling like an amateur. Saddleback Leather’s waterbag was what I finally chose based on:

-hold a week + worth of clothes

-able to be carried on foot

-transportable on a motorcycle

-all leather

-under 1,000$

Quality and workmanship: I’ve been a fan of Saddleback Leather for a few years now, and never once had an issue with there quality, materials, or workmanship. The Waterbag was no exception. The body of the bag is made from one piece of leather for strength, and all the leather used, wether body, straps or belts , is whole grain and fully tanned. The leather is exceptional, you get nice subtleties and variance in color as the photos show, but no noticeable irregularities in grain or texture. The stitching may be a point of contention for some, as it is larger than what you see in most other leather luggage (but also less likely to come undone). It suits my taste but might be to masculine for some. Overall the stitching, seams buckles and details are all cleanly executed.

Versatility/ use: The Waterbag offers many configurations for a design that from the outside apears so simple. Though I only carried it over the shoulder and by hand the bag can also be expanded fully, into a massive leather tote bag. Not the most attractive format in the world but having the ability to carry way too much shit comes in handy sometimes. The handles can also be configured to give it a closer appearance to a doctors or Gladstone bag. In addition, and to those of you travelling with good sets of shoes, jackets, ties, pressed shirts and other more delicate items a key feature, the bag comes with a rigid 6 inch and 9 inch pigskin insert.

A huge selling point to me, and something that was happily affirmed when I tested out the bag is how adaptable it is. With no insert its perfect for camping out with a motorcycle, with a 6 inch insert it compactly carries a weekend’s worth of clothes. Carefully packed with a 9 inch insert I packed 5 days worth of clothes and parepherals for two. After spending so much on one bag it was re-assuring to know that this bag can do it all

Styling and aesthetics: simple, clean, un-adorned and un-branded with a rugged yet rich aesthetic, this bag suits my tastes perfectly. However the styling here might be a point of contention for some of you, if your looking for something more streamlined modern and perhaps a little more refined this might not be for you. But then again I bought this mostly because it would fit on a motorcycle…

Price to Quality:

745$ is by itself a good amount of money, but after I had the Waterbag in hand, and increasingly in the days following I found myself wondering “why didn’t they charge more”. The versatility, solid construction and beautiful leather have spared me even a second of buyers remorse, and there is no equal at this price point and probably several points higher.

On the shaving kit..

Saddelback leather Gadget Bag/ Shaving kit:

I’ve had this smaller bag which I use for a shaving kit going on 2 years now, its seen daily use and lots of travel, all over the states, south america and a place sometimes called the Stan’. A little out of place there, but if your only going to shave every few months, you might as well enjoy it.

Everything said in the Waterbag review goes for this smaller bag as well, the only differences are in function and scale.

Versatility and Usability: The bag easily carries anything you could need for a a trip lasting a month, now this might be subject to exactly how needy you are but I tend to pack heavy. DE razor, shaving soap, spare razors, shaving brush, conditioner, shampoo, sunscreen, an obscene amount of condoms….it all fits. Packing for two for a week can also easily be accomplished. The pigskin lining has held up well against spills and moisture and the lone pocket, showing no issues after 2 years of use. Also included with the bag is a shoulder strap which I rarely use to save space, but its great for hanging your kit up during a shower if youv’e got the space

Price to Quality:

168$ is pretty steep for a shaving kit, but im still sold on the quality alone. After looking at a few other kits costing upwards of 300$ this feels like a better deal than it did initially.

Part 1 of 3: Every Day Carry
We are going to post the different Every Day Carries we have for riding, work, and nights out. This is my EDC for most days:
MKII Seafighter automatic watch or
Luminox 2000 quarts, Junghans Nato leather watchstrap
Paracord wristwraf
USMC Light Fine Trading ring
Pelican Namiki fountain pen
Tanner Goods Sunglass case
Saddleback leather wallet and iPhone case
Japanese bandanas, Camo bandana from General Quarters
Emerson knife
Vintage 60’s Zippo lighter
- Robert

Part 1 of 3: Every Day Carry

We are going to post the different Every Day Carries we have for riding, work, and nights out. This is my EDC for most days:

- Robert