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  1. Dear Robert,

    I recently came across your work and I really like it! Your work is so
    striking. I also had a few questions. With such a variety of cities,
    backgrounds, styles and generations what ties all of your photos together? What’s the “glue”? What aesthetic, narrative and conceptual principles underpin your art?

    Looking forward to your response.

    An enthusiastic fan,

    1. Thanks Abel,
      I spend allot of time thinking about that same question. At times my work has taken a sharp focus, tailoring, workwear, technical outwear…I like to think what initially attracts me, what brings the many facets of fashion together, and makes an image valid is authenticity. Thats the glue. Whatever someone is wearing is an extension and statement of who they are.

      1. Fantastic, man! That perspective is new to me. This morning walking to work I paid attention to workwear that city employees were wearing, such as a parking meter dude and a construction worker. They absolutely have an aesthetic that I had overlooked. Fashion really is everywhere. Without losing sight of their plight, old homeless guys have always caught my attention too. Despite living in complete poverty, they look rugged and relaxed.

        One more question: who are your influences? What magazines, books or blogs do you read?

        Thanks for your response. Have a good one, man.


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