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Bobby’s, 1st fitting at Den.m Bar

Putting on my pair for the first fitting was a strange experience, it’s an adjustment putting on an unfinished garment and verbalizing what you think needs to be done to perfect them. Like any bespoke garment, the first fitting is going to be a loosely stitched “rough draft” of the finished product, as drastic changes are expected and it’s easier to remove excess and nearly impossible to add length. I had the width of the leg and waist taken in and the crotch adjusted. What I’ve come to look for in any pair of pants is a clean profile, a proper waist/rise, and to always make sure the pockets, both front and rear aren’t overly stretched or ballooning out, a common problem with the slim fit trend.
While Zack (Den.m Bar’s fitter) is a true professional and knew all the right questions to ask, it’s important to head into a fitting with a mental checklist, both of what can and can’t be altered and what the proper fit and silhouette look like on you. While you can count on a bespoke tailor to guide you, keep in mind each tailor is going to have their own style and they are going to make suggestions in tune with that.

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