Thousand Yard Style

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Wristraff, our take:

Everything in moderation, if I could pull off these brazen 5 bracelet combos you see splashed all over the place I still probably wouldn’t. However I think a simple band of color or leather wrap can add some intigue and complexity to a look, and as it grows hotter and layers get left at home its a great way to achieve a look while wearing less. There arent any hard and fast rules for this, just be mindfull of color, texture, and proportion, both to the watch your wearing, the rest of your outfit and of coarse your own wrist. 

I think at this trends inception It was mostly guys wearing bracelets they had been given or acquired through travel, but now they are sold by several companies for exorbitantly high prices. Its simple leather, or climbing rope with a fishing hook clasp, nothing should break the 20$ range, let alone the 200$ range. I made my own using 550 cord, and a double fishermans knott. 100 ft will run you less than 10$, and unlike any of the overpriced models, can actually carry 550 pounds of weight and is completely adjustable

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