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Recently I came across a great deal and managed to pick up 3 pairs of Alden desert boots (two light tan, one dark brown) and a pair of beige Church’s Custom Grade desert boots. I thought a short comparison and pictorial would help those of you looking for a good summer boot.

The differences between the two is very, very, slim and I start this review knowing that its really going to be a matter of personal preference that determines which you favor. That said, here are the facts. Both boots have unlined leather uppers and lowers. The profile is almost exactly the same as well, with the churches having a slightly higher and more shaped midsection. Obviously the shoes have different soles (though Church’s can be had goodyear welted as well), the Aldens goodyear welted and the Church’s a traditional crepe sole. The backstraps differ slightly, the Aldens have a separate piece of leather on the rear and the Churches have a cleanly sewed seam with re-enforcing stitching. The stitch counts balance out, the Aldens have a lower stitch count on the upper (6.5 stitches per inch) but have double stitching, while the churches have a much finer single stitch (13 per inch). These ratios flip flop on the sole, with Aldens at 9 per inch and the church’s at 5. Laces are so easily replaced i’m not sure they are worth mentioning, personally I found the Aldens slightly smaller laces to be more pleasing when tied, but they are also lacking the metal eyelets the church’s have, again thats more up to your personal taste.

Both of these shoes were comfortable. The softer crepe soul attributed to this on the Church’s, and the cushioned heel on the Aldens. 

As far as sizing go I normally wear a 9.5, and both of these were marked 8.5, granted I stretched them a tiny bit in the toe but had I bought them in store It wold have been a safe bet to size a half size down to a 9.

By the price tag

Aldens 460$

Church’s 381$ (current, non custom model)

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