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Left Field NYC Sulfer Dyed Greaser Jean

I’m on day 4 of breaking this pair in, they have the most balanced feel and best fit of any pair I own so far. I couldn’t be happier to finally find a pair of selvedge jeans that walks the line between skinny and straight without straying into baggyness or girlfriend jeans. I have gotten very little perspective on them so far, give it a month (or 6, or 24…) but from the get go this is the stiffest pair I’ve put on, right up there with Irionhearts and Samurais. Unlike those ultra heavy weight denims (17-22oz), the greaser jeans as far as I can tell get their rigidity more from the special sulfur finish, though they are by no means lightweights either (best guess, 14oz).  With a little coaxing they stood up on their own… I always thought that was a myth too… with all that rigidity, creases are already starting to form and I am excited to see how these things are going to fade.  On comfort and sizing, I went with my normal 30 and it’s working well so far, they were a bit tighter than other pairs I have put on (much more than Levi’s, a hair more than 3Sixteens) but after a few hours of riding around and subsequently passing out with them on, they now fit much better and are working their way to comfortable.  You denim geeks have any insane thread count questions? Send ‘em my way.

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